Anonymous asked: "actually NOONE wrote bad about you today. barca-wags got a message but she didn't reply to that part. check your facts before you copmlain -.-"

To spanish -wags, realmadridlocavictoria.

Writing bad about me in other blogs is very clever. I am done with it. I did nothing, just someone wrote about realmadridfamily, that she was hacked by… I didn’t say that I am sure. I didn’t say that I think so. So what do u want from me? Closing the blog? Never.

Anonymous asked: "then pls honey, promise me and pls hold you promise, stop telling lies and stop post bad messages about other blogs, there was so many really good blogs on tumblr, but they was all destroyed of a shit like this. i really also you don´t mind that i was a bit harsh, but i be really sad about all this hate and it hurts me to see all this hate here on your and this girls blog. and then i can´t out of my skin and i have to say something. have a great evening and pls promise it"

I promise, but I never lie, remember.

Anonymous asked: "Oh God, that's horrible, because you're soooo perfect, and so it's your blog! <3 Never mind of those who insulted you, please :) There are people who truly loves you and want your best. Kisses from Malibu :**"

Thanks you my sweetie❤️

Anonymous asked: "Hey Nino my dear, I'm Coleen! :) Could you please tell me what are you talkin' about with the anon?? 'cause I can't understand Deutsch, sadly :("

They insulted me bc of one blog.

Anonymous asked: "Anon words about privatcy are same as realmadrid-wags said before some weeks. I can't understand why this girl never dare to come off anon here. Don't worry for her words your blog is billione times better"

Thank you my dear❤️ I am so proud of my followers😘

Anonymous asked: "dein deutsch ist echt peinlich :D aber klar, du kannst ja so viele sprachen: russisch, englisch, spanisch, portugiesisch, deutsch.. noch was vergessen? ja is klar --.-"

Ich weiß, dass mein Deutsch ist schrecklich. Aber ich will es lernen. Ich liebe diese Sprache!😍

Anonymous asked: "I don't know how long you're learning german, but I think it's not THAT bad... The grammar is not really good but that's okay I think :) Just stay learning it ✌️"

Thank you! I always wanted to learn German. I like it very much! I will try😘

Anonymous asked: "She also gets hate messages, but she don't publish all of them ;) Ever thought about it like this. You should do it the same way, otherwise the anons won't stop and you too. And it destroys your blog, because it's about fashion and I love it."

Thank you❤️😘

Anonymous asked: "Awesome job girl! Keep running this blog! You are amazing!"