Anonymous asked, "You are afraid of wagscloset 🙈"

Why I should do it? ;) no, I don’t afraid anybody.

Anonymous asked, "Your opinion about fypedrolina?? Why she change her Blog Name?? Are you her Friend??"

I like her and she is my friend ;-) I like her blog bc I like the player that blog is about. 💞 she is amazing :) and the name of blog is cool :)

Anonymous asked, "Hi Nino:( have you seen that wagscloset posts all the time about real madrid wags?-.- i thought she is your friend. And you are as nice as snd remind her on your new blog about la liga wags. I think she does not care about friendship to be sucess!!! I know you will find nice words now but you dont have to! She steals from every wag fashion blog and let it look like she find it:( last time at who-wears-what!!!! Please dont defend her anymore!!! We all support you!!! You can say your real opinion"

Sweet anon ❤️😊 it is so nice from you 💝 but I won’t defend anyone :) I am not her friend, I just follow her blog…. Well, she does her work and yes, sometimes I am late with posting something, bc she or another blog posted it already. But it is a fashion blog, so :)
I want to do my work, so I don’t care about others. I want to satisfy my followers 😘 I want you to like my blog :) and I will try to do all for you, will try to improve💋💋 much love, hugs and kisses to you :) thank you for kind words. 💞😘

Irina wore:

IRO clay “classic” distressed tee

Price: €110

Current/Elliott casual trousers

Price: £156


Madrid, 19 September 2014 Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk excellent parents. Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, went to the school of Rnaldo’s son to drive himm home. The trendy couple, who is one of the most stable one in the starship, spends time together always their professional engagements allow it, and both share the responsabilities of being parents. Even if the small Ronaldo junior is only son of Cristiano, Irina Shayk is like a mother for him too, and wanted to know the school and teachers of the kid too.

They are together *_* and they are soooo cute❤️

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Bienvenidos a mi blog sobre el estilo de La Liga WAGs. No voy a publicar sobre RMA o Barça Wags. Porque ya hay un blog sobre Barcelona Wags - @fcbarcelonawagsstyle . También tengo un blog sobre Real Madrid wags - madridista-wags-style . Espero que os guste!

Welcome to my new blog!!!


Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas/Real Madrid)
Zara Double Layer Top29.95€ via zara  
Zara Stretch Skirt29.95€ via zara
Pumps: Zara posted by madridista-wags-style


Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas/Real Madrid)

Zara Double Layer Top
29.95€ via zara  

Zara Stretch Skirt
29.95€ via zara

Pumps: Zara posted by madridista-wags-style

Sara wore:

Zara Printed Leather Court shoes

Price: EUR 59.95 here

Anonymous asked, "Sara Carbonero has an sweater with the Print 'USA' can you search it?"

Yes :) but it would be easier for me if you will send me a pic :)

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Anonymous asked, "Can you search the USA Pullover from Sara Carbobero? :)"

What? ;)